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Focused on helping small businesses solve technical problems.

About Marmot Tech, LLC

I’m Neil Anuskiewicz and I started Marmot Tech Consulting in 2017 to help companies use technology more effectively. Since then I’ve helped over 200 companies and look forward to helping you.

The Cloud

How I Can Help

The Cloud is someone else’s computers that you can use, saving on the costs of maintaining the hardware and software yourself, scaling up or down as needed.

Google Workspace & Google Apps

How I Can Help

Google Workspace is a set of cloud services and software, including email hosting with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and Google Apps including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Contact me if you’re considering moving your email hosting to Google Workspace or if you need a Google Apps Script written to extend Google Apps to fit the needs of your specific workflows.

Domain Name Systems (DNS)

How I Can Help

Having your DNS set up correctly is essential for the secure and smooth functioning of your website, email, and web applications. Contact me if you’re experiencing a problem you think might be caused by incomplete or inaccurate DNS records for your domain name. I can review your DNS then recommend and help you implement the needed changes.

Email Deliverability

How I Can Help

Email deliverability issues can result in lost opportunities and frustrated customers. Your email should reliably reach the inboxes of the intended recipients. If you’re experiencing email deliverability problems or if you just want to optimize your deliverability, contact me to arrange a call to discuss the challenges and next steps.

Server Administration

How I Can Help

I am experienced spinning up and administering Linux Virtual Private Servers and fixing problems with existing servers.

Contact me to discuss the details of the challenges you're facing and how I might be able to help.